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Forever Yours

He was late. He didn’t care. Jake managed to catch the falling chemistry book when he opened his locker. He stroke his long, black hair behind his ears and played with the chain that was attached to his pants. He closed the locker again and sighed when he walked past a group of giggling girls. One of them shouted “So damn hot” after him and he sighed again. Jake was everything a Goth metal rocker should be: tall, handsome, rebellious, pale and a total outcast. A few guys from his class had made the wrong decision to pick on him his first day at the school. Two of them ended up in the hospital for over a month. Since then they left him alone, just as he wished. Something about being an outcast made the girls crazy. Maybe because nobody really knew that person so he, or she, became a mystery. The ravenette hated it. Jake swung himself over the banister and was glad to be wearing a belt. Otherwise he’d dropped his loose hanging, trashy jeans. He nodded in a greeting to one of the teachers he liked and she smiled back before turning her attention back at the maths teacher she was speaking to. He turned left at the end of the corridor and faced the door to Lab A. He sighed again before knocking on the door and walked into the lab when a man’s voice shouted for him to come in. `` How nice of you to join us, Mr Lee. ´´ Jake stared at the male teacher before he grinned. `` Oh yes. You should feel honoured. ´´ The old man made a face of disgust and Jake sat down on his original place at the back in one of the dark corners. `` As I said before Mr Lee here so rudely interrupt me; The principal and your mentor has given me the assignment to introduce your new class mate for you! ´´ Jake stared at the new guy. The ravenette hadn’t even noticed the presence of the shorter brunette. `` So. Do you wish to tell the class something about yourself? Anything at all? ´´ Jake smiled slightly. He’d been “introduced” in the same way by the same teacher. `` Um… Well… My name is Tay Harris. ´´ The brunette started. Even if he seemed calm, Jake saw the nervousness reflect in his eyes. The guy had half-long, brown hair that was put together in a ponytail and his golden eyes sweeped over the class. A few girls started giggling and used their arms to push up their breasts, trying to impress the newbie. Jake leaned back against the chair and crossed his arms over his chest. `` And this really sucks… May I sit down now? ´´ Jake looked at Tay, or whatever his name was, a bit surprised. He looked like someone that was strictly raised to be polite, not like someone who was cocky towards the teachers. Their teacher snorted and stared at the brunette angrily. `` Sure. The seat next to Mr Lee is available. ´´ Tay swallowed and stayed next to the teacher until the older man pointed at Jake. The ravenette moved away his books that he’d managed to spread all over the table. He’d been sitting there alone by the same table for almost a year. Until now. The shorter brunette sat down next to him and nervously played with a stripe of his hair that had fallen out of the ponytail, and glanced at the blonde trio that was blowing kisses towards him. Jake grinned. `` Relax, newbie. ´´ The brunette jerked and stared at Jake. Who sighed and searched the pockets of his pants for his Ipod. `` Relax newbie. Don’t let the girls get ya. They’re like cannibals, they love fresh meat. ´´ Their teacher started to write something down on the whiteboard, which Jake immediately classified as crap. He’d already written it down four times. `` Stupid repeating teacher… ´´ The ravenette put his headphones on and let himself drown in Marilyn Manson’s raspy voice.


Jake sat outside with his back leaned against a tree. He was happy to get out of the school building and was now enjoying his lunch break in the warm sun. The first part of the day had been really crappy. Thursdays were always the longest day at the whole week, he thought and turned up the volume on his Ipod until he believed that his ears were going to start bleeding. Something moved next to him and he jerked his head up and looked into a pair of warm, golden brown eyes. The brunette’s lips were moving but the music in Jake’s headphones was too loud and he pulled them off. `` Huh? ´´ Tay looked slightly amused at him and Jake turned off the little music device. `` May I sit down? ´´ The ravenette shrugged. `` Sure. It’s a free country. ´´ Tay joined him on the grass and Jake pulled out a packet of cigarettes and offered one to the brunette next to him. `` No thanks. I don’t smoke. ´´ Jake shrugged again and put a cigarette between his lips before he lit it. `` You often hang out here? ´´ The ravenette took a deep breath before blowing the smoke out in the air as he leaned back against the tree again. `` Yep. I find the dining hall too noisy and the girls too annoying. ´´ He glanced over at Tay who was staring at him. `` Hard to hear my music… ´´ The brunette got that amused look upon his face again. `` Well then it gotta be one heck of a noise because I heard your music all the way from the other side of the school yard… ´´ They both laughed and Jake glanced over at Tay again. `` So what’s this shit with the ponytail? ´´ The brunette laid down on the grass next to the ravenette and looked at him. `` Well when I got longer hair I couldn’t stand having it in my eyes so my sister, Annie, suggested a ponytail. She loved to make little braids in my hair. ´´ He smiled and closed his eyes. `` I still miss her awfully much. ´´ The smile upon the brunette’s face decreased and Jake turned out the cigarette against the tree before throwing it away. `` Miss her? She lives abroad or somethin’? ´´ The bell rung to announce to everybody that the lunch break was over. Both of the young males ignored it. `` She’s dead. ´´ Jake started to fiddle with his chain again and stared out at the schoolyard in front of him. This felt…odd. The ravenette wasn’t used to situations like that. No one he knew had ever died. Atleast no one he could remember. `` I’m sorry. That… sucks. What happened to her? ´´ Tay sat up again and wrapped his arms around his legs. `` She was shot to death. Some crazy dude in my former school got his hands on a shotgun. Wanted to punish everybody for treating him like shit. Around seven people died before the police managed to do something. We didn’t even know the guy. Annie bled to death in my arms. ´´ The brunette leaned his head on his knees as he stared meaninglessly out in the air. `` To top it off, she was my twin. You could say that my life has just been a practical hell since she died. ´´ Tay smiled sarcastically before he turned his head towards Jake again. `` You’re quite new here too, right? The principal said something about you being suspended. ´´ Jake laid down on the grass. `` Yeah. Before I came here I was a great gang leader. I was, and still am, quite known for getting crazy ideas and the teachers on that school didn’t treat me very well so I decided to take over the school. We actually managed to get most of the other guys in our school with us. And a few girls too. I was the leader of the whole fucking school for a whole day. ´´ The young ravenette grinned at the memory. He’d loved every second of his gangster days. Every teacher that had treated him like shit, or anyone at all that had said anything about him or his family, had been locked in, in the big chemistry lab. `` That doesn’t sound too serious though. Just detention-for-a-year serious… ´´ Tay looked at the male next to him. `` Well… I tied the principal to a chair and threaten to push him off the roof… And we asked a few girls to do some make up on him. ´´ Tay laughed and Jake grinned. `` Oh man, I should’ve met you earlier. I would’ve loved to see his face! ´´ This time Jake was the one laughing. `` I think I have some pictures somewhere. ´´ The conversation died and they laid under the tree in complete silence. For the first time in a very long time Jake felt relaxed with another person, otherwise only his music could calm him down. `` They split up on us after that. I haven’t heard, or seen, anything from them since I came to this goddamned place… ´´ Tay swallowed unsure of what to do, or say. `` I’m sorry. ´´ Jake laid his hand under his head and snorted. `` Quit it, Tay. I don’t wanna be pitted. I hate to have people feel sorry for me about something they know nothing about. ´´ Tay nodded and managed to stop himself before he said “sorry” again. That would just piss the ravenette off. `` I know. Me neither. ´´ Jake sighed and stood up. He didn’t feel sorry for Tay, what had happened to him was just awful. `` I’m leaving. Wanna join? ´´ Tay rised and stretched his back. ``Yeah sure. Why not?

Jossy's just bringing some damn crazyness into the world ^^
Enjoy, you're more than welcome to e-mail me if yah want (I do speak Swed, I just don't like it xD )

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