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Min Engelska Julsaga.

Vi skulle skriva en engelsk julsaga på engelskan. Här är den, skriv gärna vad ni tycker om den sen! tack.


Mathilda, a four years old girl. She’s the sweetest girl in the whole world, her grandpa used to say. With the red brown hair and her innocent, cute smile. Her blue green eyes were searching for a sign.
“Where are you? Please, I really want a little sister”.
She was thinking of the big bird that was going to bring her new sister home.
- Dad, is mom waiting for the bird at the train station? Mathilda asked.
- Well, you see the bird is going to be late to night. We just have to wait for mom. Then you can ask her where she met the bird. Tony, her father sad.
Mathilda turned her head and looked at the big empty child bed. There were a lot of teddy bears in the bed just waiting for the little new born girl. It was almost Christmas and her wish list was very empty.
She just wanted a sister, a noodletoodle doll and a white fat cat. She was going to name it Snowball.
Mathildas room was white with brown curtains. A big bed was next to the door. A cute little desk was standing in the middle of the room. She jumped up on the stool in the bathroom and started to brush her teeth, comb her hair and she had to do her dodo.
- Dad, I’m finish! She screamed.
- I’m so proud of you! Tony answered.
The bed was so cold and Mathilda looked out through the window once again just to make sure that the bird wasn’t flying outside. She was so exited, she didn’t want to close her eyes, and five seconds later she fell asleep. In her dreams there was snow everywhere and beautiful swans flying over the high mountains and the sea was frozen. The big trees were standing around a big hole and it was black on the sky above them. Mathilda walked around the trees, she was afraid of the trees. They had big teeth and black long arms. The wind was cold and the stars were sparkling on the sky. She started to walk along the frozen water and she sang her song that she made for her baby sister. The moon was smiling at the little girl in her pyjamas. Mathilda smiled back. The snow was warm and soft so she didn’t need her shoes. She kept going, didn’t care were the strength came from. Just right there, on the stone, there was a mystic light shining. One step forward and then she saw it, a rat, with wings and a sparkling tail.
- You know Mathilda, your little sister is on her way from the baby store now! The rat sad with a cute and tiny voice.
- I know, my dad told me that, I wish that I could see her before every one else. Mathilda answered.
She took the little rat and it climbed up to her left shoulder. She started to go right, away from the sea and up to the hills. It was a long way to the top, but she just kept going. She had no reason to stop going, but why did she continue. Half way up she turned around to look at her footstep. The footmark was so small, she laughed when she saw them. She saw the big black hole. The trees were gone, they had moved. The trees had disappeared without a trace. She turned her head quickly and started to go. It was like something just wanted her to go a special way. The moon was still up and the wind almost pushed the little rat of her shoulder.
- Juts hang on, don’t fall off my shoulder little friend. Mathilda sad and helped her new fried up again.
- Don’t worry about me, just keep going, the rat sad.
She was almost on the top of the mountain when she heard a soft sound. It sounded just like a violin, and it was playing her song. She started to hum with the melody. In one second, the stars and the moon disappeared on the sky. Mathilda froze, she couldn’t move from the spot. It was black, and her eyes were wide open. The rat started to talk, tried to get her attention. She couldn’t believe her eyes. On the other side of the mountain there were a couple of small houses. Mathilda was so glad. She took the rat in her hand and started to run. But then again she stopped, the trees were in her way, were did they come from? The big trees were laughing at her, the stupid girl in her pyjamas. The big teeth were showing a horrible black hole. Mathilda started to cry, she was so afraid, didn’t know what to do. She just wanted the big ugly trees away.
- I’m small, but I can do this with your help my little friend, Mathilda sad to the rat in her hand.
- I’m afraid that I can’t help you so much, but I can guide you half the way, but! You have to decide which part of the way you want to have help with, the rat answered.
- I take the last part, the end. Mathilda sad without even think about why the rat just could help her half the way.
There was just like a forest, without the stones and the roots from the trees. There was a lot colder, and she wished that she had her cap and gloves on. There was a cramped forest. She heard something, someone was crying. She looked around in hope to see who it was. There, in the tree, a white dressed girl was hanging. One of her wings was stuck, she couldn’t get down.
- Why don’t you get down here pretty girl? Mathilda asked.
- I cant, I’m stuck here, and it hurts, the girl was crying out.
Mathilda whispered something in the rats’ ear and it started to climb. It started to gnaw on the branch. And woops, the girl was down on the ground. She was lying so still that Mathilda thought that she maybe had fainted.
She started to sing her song to the angel, the only angel on earth. The violin started to play with the song and the broken wing fixed it self. The angel was standing up, she smiled to Mathilda and Mathilda smiled back.
The rat jumped down and landed on the angels head.
- Thank you, for helping me down, and for bringing my old friend back, the angel sad. I don’t know what I had done without your help. She smiled at Mathilda again and then she took the rat in her hand and kissed its nose.
- Your welcome! I had a good time with you friend. But I really have to go now! I want to reach the village before its getting late. Mathilda answered.
- I’ll help you, the trees just want you to pee in your pants, so they can have water and grow. The angel laughed.
The angel took the little girl on her arm and started to fly up. The stars and the moon were back on the sky again. The view was incredible, and the snow was landing on Mathildas tongue. The village was just below them.
The angel started to fly lower and lower. When they were on the ground the trees were gone again. Mathilda followed the angel in to one of the houses. In the house there were maybe twenty babies lying in three beds. An old man moved one baby to a basket and then he screamed “NEXT”. A big bird came flying across the room and took the basked from the desk and then continued flying out trough the window. It didn’t stop there, the man took another baby and putted it in another basked, and then another bird came and took the basket. It just kept going on and on and on. Mathilda was stunned and she had so many questions to ask. She took a couple of steps forward to the man, and opened her mouth to talk.
- Can you give me a little sister? She started to ask.
No answer.
- Please, I really want a little sister! She sad.
The man just kept on with his work and didn’t bother to answer Mathilda. The happiness that she had felt was gone. Who was going to answer her questions now? If he couldn’t, who could?
Mathilda knew that it was the power of her sister that brought her there. She had to make another try to talk with the man, she wouldn’t give up so quickly. She opened her mouth once again, and out came her song.
- Alice, Alice…, she sang her song for deaf ears. She tried again, and again. And then, suddenly the man turned his head and looked at her.
She woke up. She remembered her dream, and then she remembered her sister, maybe her mother was home now. She ran down the stairs and there, next to the fireplace her mother and her newborn sister sat. Her mother was feeding the little child and she was singing Mathildas song.
It was the best almost Christmas Mathilda ever had.

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