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No More Pain

He was amazed by how quick the police had arrived. Now their brain twisters stood and yelled for him to not jump. That everything would be okay. Yeah right. As if. `` Rico, please don’t do this! ´´ The ravenette glanced at the people that stood in the door to the stairs, panting. The grey haired, old man in front of the police took a few cautious steps forwards but stopped when Rico sat down on the edge of the building. `` Everything is going to be alright, just step away from the edge. ´´ The ravenette laughed ironically.

`` The only way I’m going down from here is that way. ´´ He said and pointed downwards `` Listen to me Rico, I know about Evan. Talk to me. I want to understand your situation. ´´ Rico winced. `` He was so sick. Such pain. He is waiting for me down there, you know. ´´ The old man took the last few steps towards the boy and sat down next to him. `` Can you see him? ´´ Rico snorted. Great. Now they thought he was a psycho too. `` Ofcourse I can’t see him. I just know he is. ´´ His eyes sweeped over the people standing on the ground. They had all come to see him die. To see his lifeless body get smashed against the stone ground. `` Tell me about what happened, Rico. ´´ Rico glanced at the old man. Could he really be trusted? To hell with trust, he thought, I’m going to die anyway.

`` It all started around five months ago. The headaches. Evan described it as if someone tried to crush his head with a vice. Since he often had migraine, that was what we thought it was. I told him to see a doctor but he refused. Neither one of us had any idea that it would become worse but so it did. I started to push him about going to the doctor but he continued to refused. He hated doctors. Doctors and brain twisters. ´´ He glanced at the old man next to him. `` Psychiatrist. ´´ He answered to the old man’s questioning gaze. `` Almost a month passed until it happened until it happened. I was in the living room and he was in the kitchen. He was for once feeling a bit better. I heard glass breaking and when I came into the kitchen he was lying on his back in glass shatters. I called the ambulance and when we arrived to the hospital, he was so scared he cried. He had lost his sight and he kept calling out Rico it hurts. Please make it stop. I can’t see anything Rico, where are you? He passed out again when I took his hand. The doctors took him into some weird room and did some freakish x-ray on his brain. They forced me to stay in a waiting room. They didn’t tell me anything. After I’d waited there for about three hours I started looking for the doctor that had spoken to me when I came in with Evan. Do you know what he said when I found him? ´´ The old man shook his head.

`` Oh sorry. I had forgotten about you. ´´ The ravenette laughed at the same time tears ran down his cheeks. The old man knew that the hospital Rico’s boyfriend had lied on had quite a bad reputation but he couldn’t even in his wildest dreams believe that they could’ve done something like that.

`` They told me that Evan had a brain tumour and that he had around 30% chance of surviving with an operation. Evan refused. I tried to talk him over, ofcourse, but he had made up his mind. He didn’t want strangers screwing around in his brain. With that decision he sent himself to a certain death. He just continued getting worse and I couldn’t do anything but to watch the love of my life just fade away. Right before he died I was asleep so he woke me up and grabbed my hand. Do you know what he said? ´´ The old man shook his head and Rico sobbed. `` He said, I love you Rico. I wish I had the strength to sit up and kiss you, but I don’t. Please forgive me for my weakness. So I kissed him instead. Then he died. ´´

`` He died with his tongue still in my fucking mouth! ´´ The old man looked at the young ravenette and noticed that tears ran his own cheeks too. Never in his career as a therapist, no, never in his life he’d heard something that sad before. This young boy was scarred for life. `` Then the funeral became a complete disaster. The priest died of a stroke in the middle of the ceremony and I got into a fight with Evan’s parents. They never liked me. I just want it to be over, sir. I can’t take this any more. A life without Evan isn’t worth to be call a life. This is as perfect as it could be. The view is wonderful. ´´

The boy had stopped sobbing but tears still ran down his pale cheeks and glittered in the red sunset. `` Evan wouldn’t want you to do this. ´´ The young boy rised and backed away from the edge. `` Ofcourse not but I don’t care about what I have to do for us to be together again. He’s waiting for me and you know what? ´´ The old man rised and shook his head. `` He has been waiting too long. ´´ With those words the ravenette ran forwards and threw himself into the darkness. His soul separated from his body the moment he left the roof and he looked down at his falling body.

A strong white light shined over his head. Someone revealed himself in the brightness and Rico smiled. `` Rico. I have been waiting for you love. ´´ Evan reached out his hand and Rico gently grabbed it, lacing their fingers together at the same time. `` Evan… ´´ The taller blonde smiled lovingly at him. `` Come with me and I’ll show you heaven. We will explore the stars, just as I promised you when we met, remember? ´´ Rico remembered. Ever since the day they’d met, it had been their quote. `` How could I forget such a bad pick-up line? ´´ The blonde laughed, making the ravenette’s body warm. `

` I’ve missed you so much. ´´ Evan smiled and together they started their journey through the light. The gate to paradise. Now.

Now nothing could keep them apart.

Now there was no more judgement.

Now their love would rule the stars and even make the angels jealous.

They were finally together. Together in paradise.

No more pain.


Skriven av: Joscelin


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