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Suicide isn't the answer,never.

I hade tears in my eyes and a blade in my hand,Vodka on my breath and suicide on my mind. I were an angel,wishing to come home. I could not take the pain anymore.. I took the pills that I hade in my pillowcase. One by one I counted them,36. I swallowed them one after one... Like an hour after my world started to spin.. When I tried to walk everything just turnd upside-down. Then, something happened. My hand started try to get my phone in my pocket,I didn't do it. It was like someone force me to it. I wrote a message to my mom..then she called,911. An ambulance came,they said something that I don't remember. They put me on a bed and gave me a teddy. I cried.. Then I fall asleep,passed
out. -

I woke up,on a hospital. They gave me some cure right in through my vanes. They made me purge it out. After four days they let me go home. And now,all I want is to be happy. I am so glad that,they saved me.

All boys and girls out there,Don't take your own life. It isn't worth it. I love you,Stay strong my s

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En kvinna mitt i livet som lever med psykisk ohälsa. Har så länge jag kan minnas använt skrivandet som min terapi. Varje fredag kommer jag även att publicera mina fredagstankar, där jag bollar mina…


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