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The closed ward

Darkness is all that I could remember, it was so dark that I almost couldn’t see the ceiling.
And the warm salty tears rolling down my cheek.
It almost felt like that night, the night where everything went wrong.
I remembered how I was walking, no dragging my feet on the cold concrete.
I remembered feeling so empty like there was nothing left of me.
And out of the blue I collapsed on the street with the blood running down my skinny, ice cold arms.

I turn my head around to see if I could get a glance of the girl on the other side of the room.
Vanessa, she was the girl who showed me around, with the ward staff of course.
She has long blonde hair almost like Rapunzel and bright green eyes with brownish freckles covering her face.
She is like the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen, she looks almost like my sister.

My little sister Lilly is too young to understand what's happened to me. I remembered her sitting in a chair at my bed in the hospital asking i'm going to get better.
My mom didn’t even visit me once, I feel so bad for Lilly.
The poor 8 year old girl who doesn't know when she is gonna meet her sister again.

Eventually I fall asleep.
-Hey Michelle, it's time to get up.
I open my eyes immediately to see Vaneesa changing into an old pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt with some band name on it.
That's when I noticed, I breath heavily and stared at her arms and wrists.
When I first got here I knew that it would be full of people suffering but I never expected to find someone who has the same red, withe and purple marks all over their bodies, evidence of all the failed attempts and lonely suffering nights.

One of the staff members unlocks the door and takes us to breakfast.
I stare at the soggy porridge and drink some water.
Then it's time for group therapy, I hate it.
I don’t want to talk about my struggles with some random girls I don't know.
-So Michelle, is there anything you want to say today?
The therapist stares in my eyes and I can tell she's tryna read me but she can't.
Me and Vanessa get escorted back to our room, I lay down on my bed and I fall asleep hoping that the closed ward is just a dream.

14 year loves to write and sleep
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