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The End (Kort Novell)

The End

The end is near...

Some say the world will be engulfed by flames, others say an everlasting winter will fall upon mother earth as the northern wolf Scaal eats the sun, but I have seen the end. And it’s much more twisted and horrific then that.

i saw almost nothing, except smoke in what i only could describe as an unnatural darkness, and heard nothing except distant screams and an almost demonic thunder as the blood red lightning struck.
Winds hade stopped to cool this hellish wasteland and time was at a standstill.

Tall and deformed man shaped things walked the earth. And it looked almost like these beasts of pray lived of, of the living, taking souls with just one strike of the blade, feeding on them...

And that’s what they were harvesters of souls. Walking the earth to eradicate life,
This place was perfect in every way; at least it was perfect for its purpose. To let Mother Nature begin anew.

As I understand the circle and the meaning, I can’t help but to wonder why. Life was so beautiful, so pure. The world was so close to match gods Eden...

It all started the year 2012 December the first, earth was at peace for the first time in thousands of years, crime was extremely rare
Little did people know that the world as we know was going to end, thou the signs
Been there for millennia...
Scientists confirmed strange vibrations and building of mass within earth’s molten core. But none could explain why.

December 5th: plants all over the world starts to die, scientist say the change within the earth makes the soil toxic on almost 49% of the world

December 7th: a strange disease starts to effect people; the symptoms are extreme fatigue and black spots all over the body

December 10th: earthquakes makes mother earth bleed lava and thick smoke that within mere hours blocks of the sun and light is almost gone,

December 11th: water starts to boil in various places on earth and acid rain starts to fall, people evacuate the cities to hide underground from the rain.
The first death occurs in Canada from the new disease. Reports tell about the victim trying to dismember himself before dying. Scientist believes that the new plague causes severe pain and hallucinations

December 12th: the first portal opens... the apocalypse starts... Hell unleashed...
The Mayans told us long ago this would happen... They said the world would end the
12th of December 2012. Guess they were right.

Things started to storm the land, leaving no survivors, taking every soul they came across back to the portal.
But mankind is a race of survivors. Men, women and children fight from the shadows of their former dominance, struggling to survive.
This made it harder for the things that hunted them but even harder for those still living,

It may sound like mankind was doomed... But in all this darkness there’s still light. Around 500 men, women and children will survive the apocalypse.
And maybe… Just maybe... They can build a better world.

Look at us. We contaminate our atmosphere, we destroy our forests, and we kill all that can be killed... Our mother, our creator must defend herself. And she will... And this circle will go on and on until we made our home, our world the equal to the Eden of god.

This is the purpose. The rule. The meaning of all life

Some say the world will be engulfed by flames, others say an everlasting winter will fall upon mother earth, but you have seen the end and its much more meaningful then that...

I can not end this novel, It’s not up to me… As I will parish just a few hours after the first demon touches mortal soil. But maybe you’re the one to continue it after the 12th of December


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