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Always, forever, until I die

Your face is the most wonderful thing about you, it's like the start in the sky, it's like the blossoms on the meadow, deep in the forest. It's something I never want to stop looking at, something that makes me forget all the bad things in the world. The feeling I get when I see your face, your glamorous face is a feeling that I can never forget, a feeling that takes me deep into the ocean, sky and forest. It takes me to the heavens, to the stars, to a place where I feel like I'm floating in the air. If the word gorgeous would be a human that would be you, If the blossoms, skies and the most beautiful landscape you've ever seen were a human, that would be you. Cause you're gorgeous, you're the most beautiful girl I can imagine, you're my saviour, my healer, my tears, my blood and my heart. You're my cure when I'm sad, you're my best friend when I'm happy. Hold me babe, always hold me and don't let go, hug me tight and hold my hands.  I always want you close to me babe, close to my heart, close to my soul and close to my body. I want to look into your miraculous eyes and see you smile, I want to hold you tight and want you to be mine, always, forever, until I die

Dasi Rygord

Status: Brons författare

Romantisk diktskrivare som skriver om djupa känslor om kärlek. "Poesi är vad jag andas, poesi är mitt liv".
Dasi Rygord är medlem sedan 2001 Dasi Rygord har 14 publicerade verk


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Dasi Rygord

Romantisk diktskrivare, emotinella dikter med mycket känslor

Dasi Rygord

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