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It was all a dream

Part 1
I was thinking about her, her eyes that were burning like fire, her lips that were as red as a rose and her smile that made my heart pound. I suddenly felt her hand going down to my breast, it gave me a temptation of love, a feeling of something that I've always been dreaming about.

She looked at me straight in my eyes and gave me a kiss that was wonderful. She came closer to me, and came closer to my lips. I took my hand on her hair and kissed her softly. She came closer to my body and kissed me close to my mouth.

Suddenly i woke up which was when I realized that it was all a dream, a dream that made me forget about everything, a dream that made my heart pound and eventually a dream that made me feel the feeling I loved. It was all a dream, it was all a dream...

Part 2
I was walking on the way and saw her again, the girl i was dreaming about, the girl i wanted to be with until i die. She took my hand and we went to the sunset in the downtown of stockholm. When we sat on the sand, she suddenly came close to me with her beautiful lips on my lips. Her lips were as soft as cotton, soft and enjoyable. Her kiss made me forget about everything. She then took her hand on my chest, and then went up to my hair with her soft hand and touched my hair close to my eyes. She then looked at my eyes, her eyes was like a ocean, calm amd tranquil. It gave me a feeling of calmness, a feeling of love and a feeling of peacefulness. It was all a dream, it was all a dream...

Dasi Rygord

Status: Brons författare

Romantisk diktskrivare som skriver om djupa känslor om kärlek. "Poesi är vad jag andas, poesi är mitt liv".
Dasi Rygord är medlem sedan 2001 Dasi Rygord har 14 publicerade verk


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Dasi Rygord

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Dasi Rygord

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