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Oh Angel - Part 1

Oh angel in the dark
why so sad and where is your spark
I can see tears are in your eyes
did someone hurt you
or was it too many lies
Who took your wings
Who broke your dreams
things are not always what they seem

Oh angel in the dark
why so lonely, tell me
was he the one and only
I ask thee, can you let him be
or is it just too hard to see
what once was can never again be
So answer me now before you die
is it really worth an angels cry

- "He asked for me
I can't let him be
He asked for love
so I gave up my wings
and fell to him from above
Have I not suffered enough
It's for him I live and for him I'll die
Tell me god, was it all a lie"

No my dearest angel of them all
spread your wings and stand tall
for he was not a lie and only for you he would die
His soul is dead and he stands alone next to his bed
His heart is frozen and his life forever broken
He won't shed a tear as it is his greatest fear
as it also is to die alone on a broken pier

Because my angel he told me so
before he asked me to let you go
And with me he sent this letter
hoping it would make you feel better

- "Letter???"

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