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Ride or Die

Ride or die, you say
Baby i hear you,
get in the car
the destination is far,

Ride with me
one day we'll reach the sunset
one day we'll touch the horizon

Ride or die,
is that forever?
Baby i hope so
just don't ever let me go

Ride or die
one day we'll touch the sky
one day we'll reach so high

Ride or die
like Bonnie and Clyde
we don't fear, we don't hide
who we are and why we fight.

So get in the car,
the destination is far,
in the nightsky you're my only star
in the vast horizon you're my legend from afar
the one and only
never again lonely

Just don't ever forget
the words you laid down
and I promise you
I'll never back down
or look at you wrong
or give you a frown
for in my kingdom
I bear my crown
but without you
my soul will drown.

Remember the words,
We Ride or Die
just you and I!

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