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Thank You Mum an Dad

Thank you Mum and Dad
You are here but soon enough
You Will be there
The day is clear long and bright
And morning come with sunny light

The memories we have in heart
And all be over we are apart
The long and heavy golden years
Will turn to many soften tears

Who could be wise and happy now
The moment are like winds to blow
So near and far away we go
And leave behind the days we saw

Evening comes and night will fall
Dreams and voices how they call
From a distance we don't know
But where You soon will leave and go

Centuries will fly away
Thank You for all The love You gave
In your lifes You gave your part
To expand and grew in heart

Houses things and garden hold
Will You leave like shining gold
You will part for destiny
To the land You have to be

Any of the ones You knew
Would not forget and fail to grow
Emty places will remain
Even those who can regain

The apple trees are in the bloom
Soon enough You will be home
To see the beauty and the green
And in the sun You always lean

So if You are gone and will be there
There's many times You visit here
To chare the joy and happiness
Don't cry there will be tenderness
And close to me so many memories.

Gunvi Kjellgren

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Jag har skrivit poesi /dikter, låttexter mest på engelska, någon novell, sedan många år, i perioder. Har också skrivit ett bokmanus. Delar här några dikter jag skrivit genom åren. En del dikter har jag tonsatt till gitarr och sjungit i olika sammanhang
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