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Tip toe

Life goes on
Tip toe down
On your knees
Begging please!

There's no one
Not the teacher and not the Police
Only the monsters

So I freeze
Not existing anymore
Just a childlike anyones little whore

No care
Be awear
Of the big bear
Mounting you like an enormous Bull
Life's never dull
It's full of life inside your tiny little vagina

Every hole
You stole
Makes little Girls unwhole
No goal
No soul

I could go on for fucking decades
Not planning to stay so long
So much is impossible
So much is gone

Why bother
Why drag it out

It's unbelievable
Why did'nt you shout
You stupid girl scout
In God we trust
while grownups
Pinsch little Girls nipples without regret or doubt

It's not life
It's not hell
It's So terrible I can't even tell

Stop the rhyme
Stop the clock
Stop Mr and Mrs doctor Spock
Don't be chocked
I'm already lost in the dizzy and dirty fog of grownups mocked

Talk is a Waste land
No one really knows

It can smutter the cries of little ones
It can tear you
It definitely outlives every teardrop

The bow breaks
And the cradle will fall
In the Waste land
So tiny so small

People Come and people go
I always hide or try to sneek on tip toe
Did'nt work
Never will

The monsters Come and get you even if you don't make a move
You just stand there silent and still

There is no life on Mars nor in hell
Just the internal flames
Burning your sins
Offer you goodness
Biding you farewell

I could go forever in circles
With a rhyme that cannot stop
I could give you nasty fairytales
Take you to the top
The iceberg however taking it's toll
It's no Wonder being the grownups little doll

It makes you crazy
Totally insane

Our life was for nothing
It was always in vain

Behind the scene
Totally obscure
Wicked Grownups in every corner
They devauer
They lure

Fallen children
Meet their destiny
While mankind wonder what went so wrong
We were not soldiers but chosen to go along
Naked games
don't make you strong

Strong is for the weak to weaken yet more
There is no less
Life is just a joke and a bloody mess
Talk yet another with uncertain outcome

Whilst the animal kingdom knows loyalty to their own
Humanity attracts the capacity to disown

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