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Story about street dog buddy

Chapter 1 Buddy is born to the world!

In the land Turkey is was many street dogs a walking. One street dog named Siri was gestation. She gonna birth puppys any time. She have mate with a another dog in the street. Siri Was a amstaff pitbull were aggressive with people. In a dark corner Siri laid down. It was time now and she start to birth puppys. She took out puppys and one by one come out from her. Soon Siri birth out 5 little puppys. One of the puppys who was little smaller to the others have the name Buddy. Buddy was a male and he and his siblings drink milk from theirs mother. Many days and weeks come and Siri took good care of the puppy's and buddy. Soon the Puppies could walk alone and follow theirs mum everywhere in street.

Chapter 2 Buddy be alone in the streets!

3 weeks later the puppy's and buddy was Adults enough to take care of their others. So Siri Slipped away the puppies and buddy to go to the world and do they things what they will do. The puppies And Buddy ran on the deep streets. After 3 hours the puppies slipped to each others. So Buddy was alone now on the streets. Buddy was not aggressive with humans on the contrary. Buddy was a friendly with humans. If Buddy was hungry he go to humans and begging for food. Some people love buddy and gave him food. Some people was not friendly and chasing away buddy. The life on street of buddy was hard. Buddy surmised many dangerous in the streets. But he still love to come to friendly people and cuddle with them. Buddy will stay with humans but the humans on the streets have no time with Buddy. The cuddle little with him and go away to theirs things on the streets. Buddy feeling alone sometimes. On thé dark nights Buddy was freezing very mutch,

Chapter 3 Buddy becomes captive of humans!

The life was hard to buddy in the streets. Everyday walk Buddy on the streets and begging for food of Humans. Some humans gave Buddy food others Chased away Buddy. Buddy was very hungry sometimes and sometimes Buddy was not hungry. In turkey so Was many people in town and city. Buddy walking along the town and streets. Some people Pushed and kicked on Buddy. Buddy make some noise when some people do it. So Buddy was sad and walk away from the people and go to Calmer streets. On the calmer streets was that not so many people. Sometimes Buddy fights with other dogs. Others male dogs. Buddy was a amstaff pitbull so if Buddy fights with dogs Buddy not go away. Buddy Fought until the others dog give up and ran away from Buddy. After the dog fights Buddy have Small meat ulcers on him. Buddy Used to wash their little flesh wounds sometimes. One of the people saw Buddy walking in street be bloody. That buddy don’t now was the people who saw buddy was bloody calling 911 rescue or street dog center to take care of buddy who was bloody every were in his body. Buddy walks in the streets alone with no people around. Buddy found a place to rest. After 3 hours saw buddy some people from police and dog center come to him. Buddy who was not afraid of people in the usual case was now very scared when he saw people coming against him to try to catch him. So fast the humans or people try to catch buddy Buddy ran away. But on of the police grab buddy. The dog humans from dog center put buddy on a Collar harness And excited. When buddy felt it, buddy tried to get lost. He was so scared so he shook. But the people were helped together to load Buddy into his car, who went to the nearest hospital to investigate Buddy closer to his wounds. At the police in Germany, their case was resolved.

chapter 4 time at the people and at the dog center.

When the humans come to the veterinarian Then they examined Buddy. The humans on the hospital saw many Sore on benny. They gave him the care he needed. After the humans has looking at him and gave him care so they took buddy to a big cage in the dog center Near the hospital. Buddy was scared very scared of humans but he not bite or be aggressive to humans Buddy was only scared and make some noise. But everyday come people to Buddy and cuddle with him and Clapped him very much. It took a few weeks and soon Buddy did not get so scared of people on the contrary, he started to bus and play with them. But the people at the dog center did train buddy anyway in different things to not be aggressive to humans. The people made different rules for buddy and so on. But now Buddy was playful and so. Soon was Buddy Ready for adoption to people. Ready for adoption to people.
The people in the dog center had a discussion about the buddy going to Sweden for relaying. But before he would do that, buddy would be castrated. But they did it and it went well. A few weeks later Buddy sat in karate and the people filled paper and gave him care for the trip to Sweden.

chapter 5 Buddys travel to Sweden and are adopted by people.

Soon was buddy ready to Travel to Sweden. Buddy go on a airplane and the airplane fly away from turkey and going to sweden. In the airplane was buddy in a big cage together with others streets dogs from turkey. They have care from hospital like buddy and fly to sweden to have new home to humans who will take care of the dogs. The other dogs make some much sounds in theirs cages. But the amstaff pitbull terrier Buddy was very calm. Buddy Stood out with all the sounds around him and fell asleep on his way to Sweden. Later when the airplane was in Sweden People on the airport took out the dogs and drive them to another dog center in Sweden. Buddy and the other dogs was little scared when people move them from airport and to the dog center. When on the dog center people but the street dogs and Buddy to different cages. Soon come some people who will looked on Buddy. The people have come to look on buddy had a name like Stefan and Britta. They will have a friendly amstaff pitbull. Britta and stefan go in to that room Buddy be in. So fast Buddy saw Britta and Stefan he Waved on the tail and jump up and down och lick in the cage. Britta and Stefan go in to Buddy and Very quickly Buddy go near Britta and Stefan and lick and be near them. Britta and stefan was 30 and 40 years old. They have talk to have a dog very long time ago. But now is was time to them to have a dog. Buddy have no Meat ulcers more. They had healed well completely. So buddy was A healthy and handsome dog. have nice Fur and looked really fresh. Britta and stefan Told them at the dog center that they want buddy like their own dog. So britta and Stefan wrote a lot of paper and chip noticed buddy then they took home buddy to their new home. Buddy was now about 4 years old happy and healthy male.

chapter 6 Buddy's new home with Britta and Stefan.

A few weeks later Buddy had found himself in his new home. Britta and Stefan took good care of Buddy and gave him the care he needed. They went out with Buddy many times a day. Stefan even trained Buddy so he got exercise. He cycled with buddy and ran with buddy swam with buddy.
Buddy also loved to swim a lot in lakes and oceans. He was kind of crazy about swimming. As soon as you said swimming, the buddy became crazy. So every day Stefan and Britta went to a lake nearby so buddy got to swim. Buddy became kissed by all the water he bites in and saw. Buddy worked well with all dogs as well. So, stefan always took a buddy to a hundred farm along with other dogs in. Buddy played smoothly with his dog friends. When it was time to go home. Stefan Whistle on buddy and So buddy went obediently to stefan so they went out of the hundred farm and went home. Soon, stefan and britta family formed by getting 2 children. The children were Alex and Max and they grew up and became older about 10 11 years old. They loved their dog buddy and took him everywhere. Yes Buddy had good dog life. But soon, buddy became old and tired eventually, Stefan and Britta got rid of Buddy because buddy had a pain and suffered from various pains in the body so buddy was allowed to fall asleep in a day and they buried him exactly outside the house. But they would never forget Buddy as his best friend and how good life he had received. Yes, that was the story of the street dog Buddy. / The end!

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