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The 3 little pigs

Remember the 3 Little pigs?
And the Big bad Wolf?
How he tried to huff and puff and Bloow away their roof?
Well the 3 Little pigs have grown up to be very ungreateful
THey forgot all about the trials and the adversaries and how Allah saved them
How the plan of the Big wicked Wolf was averted
Now the 3 Little pigs want to huff and puff and Bloow away all our roofs
Just for fun and of course depopulation
The Little pigs have a serious grandious delutions
When they walk they Think the Earth tremble
And the Mountains they Think they reach the Mountains in heights
Now the 3 pigs have misplaced thoughts and suffer from anxiety due to the fact about a Little Bird
Little but with Mighty powers

Studerande, gillar att skriva inte om mig själv... Förövrigt: Backed upp, witnessed from above. Not fearing the Creation, but the Creator.
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