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The little lampman

The little lampman

The little girl seven years of age, just walking through the forest
and struggling through the brushy way.
She were determent to go to the school even if the way were so long.
And she have asked her mother how long it were.
Mother had said:
- It is about seven km and of course seven km home from school.
This particular day had her father said to her:
- Augusta you must hurry home today because I do think it will be a blizzard.
The little girl looked at her father and she said really prompt:
- No, I don´t think so because there is no cloud at the sky.

She have reached the little opening in the forest and there she always stopped
and watched the squirrels playing with eat others. They run up and down in
the trees.
These wonderful chap were indeed the best of this morning.
Augusta said to herself:
- Now I must hurry because if I don´t come to school in time, the teacher
will not be glad.
The day in the school went very quickly, and soon it were afternoon.
Augusta have eaten her packed lunch and she have saved one apple, because
she were always hungry in the afternoon.
This year of 1920 the roads were not so good.
- I have taken the way through the forest even if the roads were good, did Augusta

The school were over for this day and Augusta started her way to her home.
When she looked up to the sky she saw dark clouds and when she reached the
forest it started to snow.
First came it in big flakes and they were not so many. But suddenly it came
more and more.
Now it were so many and it had also started to blow a lot. The snowflakes
felt like nails in her face. She were forced to go backward against the wind.
- I must go forward so I can come home before the blizzard is here, and father
had right it snowing very much.
The usually way through the forest have now turn to be another forest.
It were white all over and her special marks were soon covered with pure white
The little girl were so brave and she kept going and going.
She came deeper and deeper in the forest.
But now were Augusta very sad and the snow were on her head and the snow
felt into her eyebolt and it makes it difficult to see were she was.

She saw a big stone and she put herself down on that. She started to cry a lot and
her tears run on her chicks and it mixed together with the melting snow.
- I will not see my mother and father again shouted Augusta in anxiety!
She tried to wipe of her face with the wet mitten but it were not good at all.
When she looked up she suddenly saw a light, and this light really did so she
saw small stars flashing through her eyes.
She tried to wipe of the tears and the snow.
- It could not be possibly that it can ´t be a light! Because it is so near the ground.
No man is so little!
The light came closer and closer and she really saw now it were a light from
a lamp.
Augusta felt a nice feeling and she had her thought now that it were
summer and she bathed in the lake. This feeling came very suddenly.
When Augusta looked again had the light came so close that she actually
saw it were a little man who holding a lamp in his hand.
The little man said:
- Are you lost my little friend?
Augusta she sobbed and she said:
Yes I am lost and I will not se my parents again!
The little man took her hand in his and Augusta felt this warm feeling again.
- Take my hand and I shall take you through the forest to your home.
When he took the first step it were like Augusta were flying on wings.
And this little man had so much power and how could he manage to go through all
the snow?

- There is my home yelled Augusta and started to run through the field to
her beloved home.
Her mother came toward her and she took Augusta in her arms and she said:
- We thought that we had lost our little girl.
- Mother, mother it were this little man with a lamp who took me through
the forest safe!
- What man said her mother?
- He were here just a second ago, were have he gone?
Augusta look somewhere between the sky and the forest and she nearly saw
a little man with his lamp there.
- Look mother he is out there, do you see him?
Her mother answered her:
- Yes I see him my dear.
She would not disappoint her by saying that she did not see him.

When Augusta went to bed that evening. The preyed and said:
Dear God take good care of this little lamp man. He really must be frozen
out their in the woods.
I know that he were a little angel send by you. Even if I don´t se the wings.
we really flew over the snow.
So this lamp man shall be my guardian angel and now I am not afraid to
go through the forest. Because I know that my little man is helping me.
She closed her eyes and in her dream did she see the little man and she walked
to the meadow there the light were.
And this light were the wings of love.

Bo Grapenskog

Jag är 67 år gammal. Jag har fyra vuxna barn. Jag är en gammal dansbandsmusiker,spelar sologitarr,bas,klaviatur,banjo,ukulele. Musik är en stor passion. Skrivandet också. Jag är ett barnhemsbarn så jag har det som lite terapi. Andra intressen är att översätta från engelskan till svenska. Naturen är något som jag tycker om,de sjungande skogarna i Småland. Vi har ett sommarställe vid en sjö där vi är hela sommaren. Tycker om människor och är väl lite pratglad. Får jag bjuda på en kopp glädje. Glädje och skratt är två viktiga komponenter i livet. Försöker vara så positiv som möjligt.
Bo Grapenskog är medlem sedan 81.2 Bo Grapenskog har 1943 publicerade verk


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