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The prisoner

Once upon a time about 500 years ago lived a king who, after dealing with general affairs decided to take a walking break in his garden before handling the next matter.
This particular matter was personal and sensitive involving the kings private Kooker who tried to poison the king.
If it wasn't for the sudden collapsing of a roof nearby that the king rushed to look at leaving the table saving his life.
His wife on the other hand was quite unfortunate, she was found leaning lifeless over the kings plate, such tragic event the king had to experience.

He wasn't exactly fond of her to be frank and everybody knew that he never passed over the incident he remembers so well.
She preferred younger men and used to sneak in workers from the windows when the king was busy.
But never the less, she was after all the emotional baggages between them, his wife and he was grieving even if it was difficult to tell.
He said, bring him in I'm ready. And they brought him in shackles throwing him in front of the king, the king rose from his chair and took a moment before speaking.
Why, what have I done to you that made you do this deed? Haven't I been good to you and your family? The man remained silent, staring at the floor.
The king commanded the prisoner will face hanging three days later. "Take him back and lock him in and remind me the night before his hanging".
Time passed and the king was reminded, he said, better bring me a note. There he wrote what he thought was "Hang this man today at midday" and he signed and sealed the letter.
When the carrier arrived at the prison and handed over the letter it said to everyone's surprise, "Release this man immediately, the kings order"
The guards did not know what to think, then the carrier of the letter said, "I will take it back to the king, this is a mistake I'm sure".
The king could not believe what he heard until he saw it before him, it was his handwriting and his seal, but how was this possible?
He wrote another letter, this time asking someone to read it out loud before signing and sealing.
When the letter was opened at the prison it said, "Release this man immediately, the kings order".
Again the letter was brought back to the king's attention, he couldn't understand how this happened and he insisted writing a new letter for the 3rd time.
Same story played over and over again, and the king ordered for the man to be brought back to the palace.
The king then ordered for his release, saying I want him hanged, but God wants him alive and released, and those are the orders from above.

Studerande, gillar att skriva inte om mig själv... Förövrigt: Backed upp, witnessed from above. Not fearing the Creation, but the Creator.
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